Hittite Cuneiform Tablets

from Boğazköy in the British Museum

HPM presents photographs of the Hittite tablets in the British Museum which were produced by Jared L. Miller of LMU Munich. Copyright and all rights in the nature of copyright (including moral rights) in all images (including vested, future and contingent rights) are transferred to the British Museum as the British Museum’s unrestricted, absolute property. At the same time special permission is granted by the Trustees of the British Museum to display copies of the images on the website of HPM for non-commercial scholarly and educational purposes only.

Here only a few examples of these photographs can be given. For more please use the Konkordanz der hethitischen Keilschrifttafeln and choose "BM" under Fundnummer/Inventarnummer.

BM 103043

BM 103043

BM 108548 Vs. II unten

BM 108549

BM 108550

BM 108587

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